Well, camp is over, and all the campers have returned back to their nests. For those of you that missed out on the event, I would highly consider attending WordCamp 2008. There were around 400 men and women bloggers and developers in attendance over the course of the 2 day conference. It was great to witness the enthusiasm that everyone had for contributing to the WordPress community, and meet people who are passionate about blogging and free media. It reminded me of the reasons why I got hooked on the WordPress community from the start.

Honestly, I felt overwhelmingly under-read while listening to most of the conversations in the room. There are really so many amazing blogs out there. Blogs that are creating real change in parts of the world where a free press is not allowed. This is moving content! There was one woman, Lorna Dietz of filipinasmag.com, who cited examples of various Filipina writers who are using blogs enrich the web and search engines with positive stories of Filipina women.

There is no question that blogs have become a very powerful means of communication and social change in the world. I really believe it is the nature of the medium that brings out the need to voice our thoughts and views, and it was refreshing to be around so many people this weekend who have been affected by the power of blogs and want to do more.

Video – KRON 4’s Brian Shields Reports on Wordcamp 2007