Living in the 11th Hour

The 11th Hour

Last night, I went to see The 11th Hour, a new documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio about global warming and our impact on the earth over the last 100 years. It really got me thinking about the footprint I have left on this earth thus far, and the type of impact that I want to have going forward. It couldn’t be better timing.

First of all, the movie was well worth the price of admission. It is not often that you can pay $10.75 to see something that will still have an affect on you the next day. The 11th Hour reviews the scope of human progress over the last 100 years and projects how it will undoubtedly affect change within our lifetime. I would suggest seeing the movie. I think it is important to face this information each time you have the chance. It’s not going to sink in, unless you are informed.

Life Expectancy

This is the reality that I am still coming to terms with. I am 29, soon to be 30. Based off the life expectancy average of the American male, I have lived 38.7% of my life thus far. In the next 61.3% (47.5 years) of my life, there is a good chance that the land I live on will be drastically affected by rising seas, if not that, I will undoubtedly have to live through a few natural disasters that will greatly interrupt my life as I know it. This is just the surface of what changes will undoubtedly occur. That is a really powerful thought!

I am baffled and amazed by that thought. This is a given: The earth’s climate will be different in the near future. For the past 24hrs, I have been consumed by the thought that we (the human race) need to drastically change our lifestyle in the next 2-3 years. Thats not a long way off. I will be 33years old in 3 years.

So, I know that I can live a smarter and more ecologically responsible life, and I know I can surely make that change in the next 3 years, but how is that going to unfold? What will I have to change? I actually find it to be the most awakening and refreshing thought that I have had in a long time, and I am excited to help make myself a part of the solution.