Smartr applications or just smarter people?

I recently tried out the on my iPhone, and have been really impressed. Not only was this install extremely easy, but so were all the smaller apps it helps you to install onto your iPhone… and it does it all without a Finder. Isnt it great how changing a form factor and limiting a few resources can greatly improve a process that we thought was easy enough to begin with?

Why can’t all software be this easy? Seriously,… today I opened up Transmit (which I really enjoy) and it asked me if I wanted to upgrade. I clicked through to their website, downloaded the new version, and there it still sits. 10 hours later it is still on my desktop waiting to be installed. Textmate however has adopted a somewhat smoother process for it’s upgrades. It all happens behind the scenes. Thank you for taking my subsequent actions into account when designing a solution to a problem. I really appreciate that, and I am happy to pay for these thoughtful accounts. In the meantime, the is free.