How Newspapers Address an Evolving Audience

There is a post on Publishing 2.0 that is worth reading – What Newspapers Still Don’t Understand About The Web. It talks about how newspaper websites are still talking to a print audience.

“And what’s the root cause problem? The useless article with no real-time data and no links was written for the PRINT newspaper. And the homepage is edited to match what will be important in the PRINT newspaper. And the navigation assumes I think like I do when I’m reading the PRINT newspaper. Want local news? Go to the metro SECTION.”

It is nice to see that the blog ghetto is more favorable and usable than Washington Post:

“Here’s an idea for newspaper website homepages — just a search box and a list of blogs. Seriously. Instead of putting all the web-native content and publishing in the blog ghetto, like does, why not make that the WHOLE site? (I mean seriously, having a blog section on the website is like having a section in the paper for 14 column inch stories.)”

While he makes a number of good points, I still think there is a great deal of work that needs to be done to encourage, change, shift (enter adjective here) our culture to get their news and updates online. It will gradually happen, give it time… I think most people are still going to turn to TV and radio to get the most current information, and both of those forms still have something that the webs doesnt – a human connection.