Fresh Direct and Packaging

Yes, occasionally I order from Fresh Direct. I say this with a about 38% guilt, as do most of my friends and colleagues who also admit to ordering from them, either regularly or from time to time. The biggest issue that everyone has with them is that they deliver the food with a ridiculous amount of packaging.

Fresh Direct Arrives - by silencematters
“Fresh Direct Arrives” – Photo by silencematters

Last night, I received 3 boxes and a bag of frozen goods. The frozen items (3 bags of mixed berries, 2 bags of shrimp) were packaged the most appropriately.

Fresh Direct Wastes Space - by silencematters

“Fresh Direct Wastes Space” – Photo by silencematters

The smallest box only had 1 container of soymilk in it. It used roughly 35% of the space in that box.

Avocados - by silencematters

“Avocados” – Photo by silencematters

This is how they package 2 avocados for safe travels. We didnt order any tomatoes on this round, but had we, you would have seen pictures of similar packaging for them.

Lemons - by silencematters
“Lemons” – Photo by silencematters
Bananas - by silencematters
“Bananas” – Photo by silencematters

The Consumerist,

“Really, you have no idea how irritating it is to get one package of crackers in a huge box.

Waste of Space,

“I just received my order and was really disturbed by the fact that one large box contained only one 1/2 gallon of milk, and another small box only contained a bag of rice. This is really wasteful packaging and hardly see a need for it. I know I’m not obligated to tip, but i do. so as a way of saying “thank you” to your workers for politely carrying my boxes up three flights of stairs…but now it really just seems ridiculous to have two guys carry four boxes up three flights of stairs when two of the boxes are practically empty. i’d really appreciate some better planning on the packing end of your process.thanks for your consideration,”

In 2007, Fresh Direct publicly announced 5 environmental initiatives they are undertaking in large in response to customer outcry over how much waste they produce as a whole.

You would think that spending a little more time packaging things would amount to a great deal of money, time, and space saved on delivery, which has to be their biggest fluctuating cost in these times.