On the 'Good' Design of The Drudge Report

I completely agree with Jason Fried in that The Drudge Report is one of the most timeless designs on the web. To hell with all the design purists out there! The key point of the Drudge design is that is is lacking style, and 99% of the time, style gets in the way of information. Even if you go so far as to say that Drudge’s lack of style is his style, you have to acknowledge the fact that it works really well for both the content and the reader.

The Drudge Report is exactly the same as it was back in ’96 when I wrote a report in my high-school English class on The Future of News on the World Wide Web. In fact, I do believe the quality of the content was just as pedestrian as it is today – which by the way, the design compliments very well.

“The site feels like a chaotic newsroom with the cutting room floor exposed. I think that’s part of the excitement — and good design.” – (link)

I was asked recently if I could think of a successful blog or site that purely existed on the web, and wasn’t tied to another medium. The first example that came to mind is Drudge.

Thanks to Jason for the well written piece.


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  1. wopular says:

    Hah, it has a home grown feel. It feels very personable and accessible. I’m so impressed by the site. It’s pretty much just page of links, and it hasn’t really changed at all since it was started. But yet, it’s still one of the most popular news sites out there.

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