The Ethics of Online Advertising

Start by reading Derek Powazek’s post on the ethics of online advertising. It quickly explains the story of a video that went viral, an then later was found to of been made by an advertising firm.

We all appreciate a good hoax from time to times, but being duped by someone with an agenda solely for the good of a brand, not only sets up a betrayal of trust, but adds very little depth to the brand itself.

“One thing pretending to be another is always a betrayal of trust. If these brands really want to engage communities online, they’re going to have to learn how to stop lying to us and start interacting honestly with us.” – (Derek Powazek)

There is no doubt that this is exciting and we all want to be in on the experience of figuring out where this came from, but when the joke is over, we are not left with anything meaningful to speak of, and someone put their time into this. It’s flat, depthless, and plain boring. Moving on to something else.