5 Monkeys and a Banana

I love it when you come across an analogy, or you see a movie and it seems to color the way you see aspects of the world for days to come. That is just what happened when I read the start of this post by James Bennett.

There’s an old joke, so old that I don’t even know for certain where it originated, that’s often used to explain why big corporations do things the way they do. It involves some monkeys, a cage, a banana and a fire hose.

You have to read the whole first part of the post. It applies to everyone. The rest talks about the release of Python 3.0 – and I have to say, I have never been inclined to learn Python, or really even look into it until now – until someone has taken the care to present it in a smart way. Even if I never do anything with Python, I am now more inclined to think of it in favorable terms.

Also, the post generally highlights the work of competent people, and the world needs more of those. Great Work!