Oil Spill Crisis Map Using Ushahidi

Oil Spill Crisis Map using Ushahidi

This map was created using the Ushahidi open source software by students at Tulane University in conjunction with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade and site host Radical Designs so that you, the citizens of the Gulf Coast have a voice to speak out in testimony of the how the Gulf oil spill is threatening your livelihoods and the ecosystems that you love and rely on. More about the group »

They also have a long list of other news and community resources that are pulling together updates and service announcements for all the communities that are affected by the spill.

So why is this so interesting?
Because it is a web recipe that has the possibility of gaining some real weight as it attempts to collect the news, information, and community service messages that make up the oil spill story as a whole. When I say web recipe, I mean it uses tools (an obsessive list of links + Ushahidi) that are being made available to anyone with basic web skills and the will to pull together the information.

The point at which we’ll know if their endeavors are fruitful will be when they have collected enough of the right information and news to generate a compelling experience of the whole story. I will be watching and encouraging, and I wish them all the best.

Ushahidi is a platform that allows anyone to gather distributed data via SMS, e-mail or a web site and visualize it on a map or timeline. Watch this short video on it.

It is nice to see the students at Tulane University putting it to the test.

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  1. john guidry says:

    Hey Jeremy – it was great to meet last night at blogfest. I really like the look of your blog – and that your son is named Kepler. I look forward to spending some time reading this. You mentioned creating a new group or something under the blogade. There wa sa group under the blogfest http://groups.google.com/group/blogfest_eclectic?hl=en, but in the blogade list is prob better since it’s established. One last thing — kudos to Tulane students, I was one once! John

  2. Kankache says:

    I live in Chicago Illinois. It’s a big city but after living here my whole life and going donowwtn one thousand times a year, I feel like I’ve seen everything. I’ve just recently gone on a trip to a hotel far out in the suburbs where everyone my age lived on farms and own animal like goats and chickens. It was really interesting to meet people with REALLY different lifestyles. I hope when I’m old enough I’ll move somewhere far in the suburbs just to see what it’s like.♬ BTW I’m only 13

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