A New Take on the Meeting Token

Meeting Tokens as Meeting Buttons

I mocked up a few of Mike Monteiro’s Meeting Tokens as wearable buttons to help illustrate a point I made on my blog yesterday about reducing the time spent in meetings (Thanks to Joshua Benton of Niemann Lab for bringing it to the surface again). Back in 2007, Mike mocked up an idea for creating meeting tokens to be dished out to employees.

I admit, buttons might not be as effective and tactile as tokens would be – as I would basically have to wear two buttons to a 30min meeting and remove a button once we’ve reached the half-way mark. The thing that is brilliant about the tokens is that everyone in the room gets to hold them which gives them meaningful value in the hands of the people in the meeting. Tokens are also something to fidget with, and you always need something to fidget with in meetings.

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Photo taken with my mobile reporting device at The New York Times.