Mingling With the Crowd

While milling around, I met Daniel McOrmond from Rochester, NY. He is a web developer and works on the Lithium PHP framework, which I have heard a lot about, and works with FictiveKin on projects from time to time. He also builds motorcycles – Japanese cafe racers to be specific. Tell him I said hello.

I also met Chris Casciano, a front-end web developer who freelances around the city, but works in the intersection of product development, design and project management.

I kept asking people what moved them the most so far. A friend Jon Chretien said that it was not what he had expected but that the mix of people was what made it unique. He described sitting in an earlier session where someone, maybe the guy speaking, owned a company that makes denim and he was sharing his experiences along side web developers. He also said that he met a guy – more of an industrial designer – who worked on the first iPhone.

Everyone I talked to seemed to be focused on tackling big problems in unique and collaborative ways – which says a lot about the spirit of the conference and what themes are being extracted.

There were an unusual number of men wearing plaid long-sleeve shirts at this event. Just pointing that out :)

As for the demographic breakdown, mostly white men, early to mid thirties. I would love to see more women, not just at these conferences, but in leadership roles a web startups and design studios.