So, What is Brooklyn Beta?

I arrived late and was ushered in to a group session, the first one on my left. With no posted schedule and little explanation as to what this is, my first thoughts were all about figuring out what type of space or scene I just stepped into. I was thrown off by the fact that this is not a web developer vibe (thankfully) – despite the fact that I see many web developers in attendance. So what is this? What did I miss out on?

I was quickly told that Brooklyn Beta is broken out into large group sessions, where someone speaks and gives a presentation, followed by smaller group sessions where people gather to work through a central idea of some kind. I walked in a few mins after the group sessions started and sat down to listen. See the schedule here »

About twenty people were gathered in a lift elevator. Some were sitting on fold-out chairs, others were sitting on boxes or un-opened kegs of beer. A white board was on one side with the word ‘Education’ and a few other notes jotted down. One guy, who later I learned was Matt Brown, was facilitating the discussion with marker in hand.