Pixar’s Open-Door Policy on Pitching

In a piece on The Verge about the making of Pixar’s new short, “The Blue Umbrella”, Director Saschka Unseld talks about Pixar’s the open-door policy for pitching ideas for short films.

You mentioned that Pixar has this open door policy on pitching shorts. Is that a way of discovering new ideas and finding new filmmakers?

Yeah, I think it’s multiple things. One, it’s just talent scouting and giving people opportunities for new roles. Not just the people who direct the shorts, but the animation supervisor, or the lighting DP [director of photography]. It’s kind of a nice playground to have people try out new roles and positions, and even send them to new departments, to be a bit more playful with that. And it’s great for switching up the pace, because you work for three years on a feature, while on a short you might work for four months and then it’s done, and you’re so much closer to the final result because the team is so much smaller.

Newsrooms, take note of this.

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