Color Studies

Artist Sara Cwynar on her process:

Lately, I am really obsessed with this Don Delillo quote where he says, “We see only what the others see. We’ve agreed to be part of a collective perception. It literally colors our visions.” I think this ties nicely into the color studies, and not just because he uses the verb colors. He means that the way we see has been largely shaped by the set of images that surrounds us and not by actual reality. I think the most exciting thing about art is the possibility to break free from this, or to present images for what they really are. When he says that collective perception and our idea of what we are looking at “colors our vision,” he means that we can’t see images for what they really are anymore, Through the Color Studies project, I am exploring this notion by presenting a surreal version of a very familiar image that is traditionally used to invoke desire, trying to reveal this trope imagery as the constructions that they are.

Her work.