#IndieWebCamp 2014 PDX/NYC


This weekend, I am helping to host the #IndieWebCamp 2014 which will simultaneously be hosted in Portland and New York City.

#IndieWebCamp 2014 PDX/NYC

Saturday & Sunday
June 28 & 29
9AM — 6PM
The New York Times Building

RSVP — http://indiewebcamp.com/2014/Guest_List

Own your data.

We should all own the content we’re creating, rather than just posting to third-party content silos. Publish on your own domain, and syndicate out to silos.

Join us for two days of brainstorming & creating atIndieWebCamp 2014 and be a part of advancing & growing the indie web.

The question is —

What could you build, on your own personal domain that would make using your personal domain more valuable and useful to you as a tool, as a communication device, as a point of contact?

Maybe it is a simple text field that allows you to post to your site so you own the content, and then syndicate that post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or what ever social setting you desire.

Maybe it is a way to pull together commentary and reaction form Twitter, Facebook, Google others into one place about a piece you’ve written on your blog.

Maybe, you decide to craft your personal domain as a listening post for all of your activity around the web, on smart devices and photos.

The point is to make something for yourself, no matter how small, that you will use and love using over and over again.

IndieWebCamp is a gathering of web creators building & sharing open web technologies to advance the state of the indie web. We get together for a weekend to discuss how we can empower people to own their identities and data, then spend a day hacking & creating.

Projects that have come out of IndieWebCamp — http://indiewebcamp.com/Projects
IndieAuth, microformats2, and web mention and modern peer-to-peer publishing platforms like idno & p3k.

Principals of IndieWebCamp — http://indiewebcamp.com/Principles

Hope to see you there!

#IndieWebCamp http://indiewebcamp.com/2014/...



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  3. James says:

    Fantastic… If only you would get rid of all the annotation bugs, i could flailny use them to some extent ;-)What’s not working?For instance, you can not jump within the same video, because if you try, very often (allthough not always, but still very often), the video freezes, while the sound actually jumps to the point. The only thing you can do after that is reloading the whole page.It is also not possible to jump to a certain point in the timeline (of another video) if there is a pause-annotation BEFORE the jump point (even if it is 10 seconds before the jump point), because the video won’t play as you would expect, but pause!These two bugs prevent me from using the annotation feature efficiently.I also miss conditional or automated jumps for- and backwards in the video – let’s say, the user won’t click on a link annotation, he’s automatically transferred to a later or former point in the video. This would give a whole lot of new possibilities for making interactive videos!

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  5. Hosting says:

    By the end of 2014 we had community members organize IndieWebCamps in 2014 in more cities than ever before, and similarly, start more local chapters of the Homebrew Website Club as well.

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