Story #1

I was driving my car down Monaco when I noticed a big oil stain in the road and a trail of dribbles leading away from it. The stain was made through a slow dripping process that occurred over time. Just a few feet before the stain there was a slight ripple in the road, not enough to cause a jolt, but long and deep enough to make your front end sag.

I think of the motion that your hand makes when you play with a yo-yo, up and down in one continuous motion. Now I imagine having a drop of oil or some fluid on the tip of my finger, and then I know the feeling that I would have about being conscious of that drop as I moved my hand downward and back up again, separating my hand and the drop, releasing it to the ground below. Now I imagine this happening with a small drop of oil that is attached to the bottom of a car, and releasing it in a process over time.

I feel as if I have found a gold mine, a phenomena of sublime beauty. Beauty through simple occurrence. I am happy. I see more of them. They confirm my previous thoughts. Now I feel as if society as a whole could benefit from knowing this great fact of life, then I realize that the beauty of of what happened was not in the actuality of the phenomena, but the discovery process of how I came to see such a thing.
Process of my consciousness.
Maybe a process similar to that of oil dripping off of cards after bumps in the road.
An ever accumulating stain.

Story #1, 2000-2001

From a series of 'observations' that were collected, written and presented as large format prints.