#IndieWebCamp 2014 PDX/NYC


This weekend, I am helping to host the #IndieWebCamp 2014 which will simultaneously be hosted in Portland and New York City.

#IndieWebCamp 2014 PDX/NYC

Saturday & Sunday
June 28 & 29
9AM — 6PM
The New York Times Building

RSVP — http://indiewebcamp.com/2014/Guest_List

#IndieWebCamp http://indiewebcamp.com/2014/...

IndieWebCamp NYC / 2014


This weekend, I will be helping to host IndieWebCamp in New York City, a gathering of web creators who come together to advance the state of the independent web. Previously IndieWebCamp has been held in Portland, SF, and the UK, but this will be the first meetup to happen in New York City.

IndieWebCamp NYC
April 26 & 27
9AM — 7PM
The New York Times Building
620 8th Ave, New York City
Corner of 8th Ave & 40th Street (map)

The main goal of the IndieWebCamp is to build tools to empower independent website owners to communicate with each other in a varying degree of ways, and in the process, decentralize the web that we have come to know.

For example, by linking to the IndieWebCamp NYC Guest list, I am RSVP’ing to IndieWebCamp this weekend.

As creators, writers, photographers and the like, we need publishing tools that we own and operate that enable the retention of authorship and identity while allowing for that content to be republished or shared to larger sites like Facebook and Twitter. Post once, distribute as needed.

Kartik Prabhu describes the independent web and what they are trying to achieve:

One of the main goals is to make the whole process of posting to your own site as easy as posting to silos, along with the simple UI/UX that goes with it. If you are a programmer/web-designer go ahead and contribute to the indieweb! Make your own project, add to the existing ones, give feedback about what you need/want, but most importantly use what you make. This really is for everyone.

Personally, I am fairly new to the IndieWeb community, but I am looking forward to hosting these great people over the next few days. If you are in New York City, please stop by for a bit.

RSVP yes http://werd.io/2014/indiewebcamp-nyc

IndieWebCamp NYC http://indiewebcamp.com/2014/NYC...